Happy Scribe for Teams enables you to collaborate with other team members and work on projects together.

Extremely useful for team projects or when several members need to share their transcripts with other people, Teams serves as a collective dashboard for everyone to upload their transcripts too.

Once you have created a team or been added as a member to a team, you can start uploading transcripts which you want to share with your teammates.

You and your teammates can leave comments, highlight certain sections and even edit your uploaded transcript.

At any time, any of the team members can export the file in any of our export formats.

Additionally, in the team settings you can see all the members of the team and their status (whether their invite request is still pending or not).

How to create a team : https://help.happyscribe.co/en/article/how-to-create-a-team-1cd7p0u/

How to manage my team : https://help.happyscribe.co/en/article/how-to-manage-my-teams-b2vfjf/
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