When you go to the Pricing page on Happy Scribe, you will see the following 2 Monthly Subscription options :

These are rolling, continuous, monthly payments which allow you all the benefits of using Happy Scribe at a cheaper rate. So let's take a closer look at Monthly Subscriptions.

What are the benefits of a Monthly Subscription?

You'll receive an invoice at the beginning of each period, and at the same time you will receive the minutes on the application.
You can create overages. The monthly plans have a fixed price in return for a certain amount of minutes. Once you've used all those minutes, you can go beyond and continue transcribing. This overage will be charged on the invoice of the next month.
The invoice includes the fixed monthly cost, plus the cost of any possible overages that you may have generated the previous month.
You can cancel the subscription at any time.

Canceling the Monthly Subscription

Once you cancel a Monthly Subscription...
You simply won't be charged next month.
You will continue to have access to all your previous transcriptions.
You will mantain all the minutes that you already have.

Moreover you will lose all the advantages:
You will not receive more minutes next month.
You won't be able to create overages (once you've used all your minutes, you won't be able to continue transcribing).

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